After sifting literally hundreds of firedance, UV, and juggling sites we have compiled the following exhaustive list of quality performers, information / tutorial resources, and online equipment dealers. If you find that your link is not listed and you would like for it to be, please make a submission to our link submission section of the forum.

Equipment and Gear Resources
Home of Poi Shop - Online resource for anyone looking to build their skills and equipment collection
Fire Toys
- One of the nicest fire equipment sites on the net
Fire Whip – Very nice online store for all of your fire performance equipment
te POOKa Toys - A very nice store with some great handmade fire gear like poi & staff
Fire Gear - A simple layout with many equipment and material resources
Goudurix - A very nice firedance and juggling store
Luxotica - Fire equipment shop out of British Columbia
Bearclaw Manufacturing - Online fire equipment retailers
The Spinsterz - A quality online fire gear site which has a variety of stuff (even hoola hoops)
Concentrate - A nice online store, has limited eqipment but very nice high quality stuff
Flamma Aeterna – Online resources for fire equipment and pieces for equipment development
Firewick – Another Online Store for Fire Equipment
Fyrefli - A very slick store dealing in standard fire equipment as well as fire rope, fire balls, and fire diablos
Iron Gypsy - A blacksmith with some very nice equipment and innovative ideas (great source for fire hoola hoops)
Naked Flame – Fire performance group that is an online retailer of fire equipment
PoiShop.De – A German online poi retailer with practice, glow, and fire poi
Todd Smith Juggling Equipment – Primarily juggling but also caries fire equipment
Renegade Juggling - Juggling and fire equipment store
Dube – Online store providing equipment and parts such as handles, chains, wicks, etc.
Feuershow.De - A good German online webstore with many different fire dance equipment
Fireworks Dance - An Australian performance group with various fire/practice equipment
Ball Chain - Great resource for ball chains
Poi Poi – A nice poi shop with a great look and very clean gallery
Poi Toy – Poi wholesalers
Techno Moves - Online glow store with tons of different led/glow/and UV toys and tidbits
Feral Technology – Producers of feraltec Rechargable Glow Staff and Poi (Currently the only offering rechargeable poi)
Aerotech Projects - Very nice high quality glowing instruments
Glow Ball – A provider of more cost effective quality glow balls, based in Germany
Gooble Warming - Fire and Glow Equipment Dealer
Led Poi - Manufacturer of rechargable color morphing and durable glow equipment
Neon Husky – Online retailer of custom Neon LED equipment. Including LED nunchaku
Oddballs - The UK's first juggling shop with a massive range of juggling, poi, and manipulation equipment
Three Worlds - Fire gear/juggling/drum/percussion store out of Australia
Primal Fire - Fire Performance Group Victoria B.C., Canada (Also has a shop)
Anti-Gravity - Online store providing many different items. Go to juggling to find fire equpment
E Oil Candles– Suppliers of colored flame fuels
Tri-Ess Sciences, Inc. - A scientific supply company that also provides chemicals for colored burns
Skylighter – A retailer for many of the common chemicals and additives which are added to fuels for effects
Sonic Stars – Online store for many different quality types of flags, practice poi, and instructional resources
Light Up and Juggle - builders of all kinds of fun glow toys, including poi, staffs, and more
Jumbly Mamba - An interesting equipment peice that also has a fire variant
Henry’s Online Shop
– A Juggling site with fire and UV equipment for spinners
Fire Tom - Just some interesting keychains, jewelry and other things
Irritant Gear - A store that sells EL-wire neon apparel and clothing, as well as poi grips

Learn More about Fire Dancing
Our Tutorial Section - One of the most thourough sets of links to the nets best tutorials
Our Learn Section - A great place to begin learning the background, terminology, safety, and moves of fire dance
Home of Poi - The best place to start to learn about poi and fire dancing
Fire Dancing - Nice site for learning about fire dancing and locate performers
Poi in the Park - One of the better poi forums on the web
Poi In the Park Ex – Poi in the Park’s Video/Image gallery
Do More Poi - A site developed to spread the love of poi with many multi speed tutorial videos
- A nice community all about spinning with a large amount of tutorial videos
Fire Chains – Good instructions for building/burning/fuels/safety/etc.
Firetwirling-O-Rama - Very nice fire performance site, with tutorials/videos/culture/equipment/etc.
Culture of Fire - A historicly based site about the many different variants and styles of fire arts
Fire Arts Collective – A fire performance group from Bay Area, with some nice original moves
Tribe.Net - A community of every type of tribe (group) you can think of (look for fire tribes)
Burning Man - The ultimate experience for fire performers and almost anyone else
GlowSticking.Com - A site to learn more about the art of glowsticking
The Avenue - Fire spinning and poi site with a great article on fuels and the environment
Juggling with a Twist - Nice information on fire dancing and glowsticking
Poi Spinning - A book about poi, but the site has a great list of links and explanations.
Circles of Confusion - Amazing fire artwork and more
Centrifugal Force - Online flagging resource with more information and development instructions
South Hampton Fire Spinning - A nice looking community forum
Gyral Auroras.TK - An online glowsticking, UV forum
Gyral Auroras.Com - No not a repeat, another online forum with the same name (has a video download section)
FirePerformers.Com - Voluntary fire performance verification organization
Poi Meetup - An international registry of poi spinners with a organized meeting time
Pa-li-tchi - Online web book about fire dancing
Kitty’s Poi Web Blog – A web blog dedicated to discussing poi
Fire Jedi - Purely a link site for fire sites/videos/galleries/etc.
Meg’s – A girl named “Meg”’s site with many staff videos and tutorials
John the Kiwi – A site all about John the Kiwi, fire dancing, and techie computer stuff
Haus de Bolas - Eine forum auf Deutsche

Performance Group Sites

Anta Agni - A Fire and UV troupe from Bratislava. The best fire site design I've seen yet!
Firetwirling-O-Rama - A nice fire performance site, with tutorials , videos, equipment, etc.
Fire Arts Entertainment – One of the best looking fire performer’s site on the net
Rubber Heart Duo - An amazing set of staff performers (make sure to view the videos)
Indra Yoga - A performance troupe from out of Los Angeles with some great videos!
Cube FX Entertainment - Aydar Rakhmatullin is an amazing circus performer with a just as amazing site (not Fire related)
Fire Flys – A very very clean and professional looking site for a set of fire performers
Highly Flamable & OUSA - Site for a performance troupe and fire club In New Zealand. (very nice site made in flash)
The Carnival of Divine Imagination
– A very clean looking site for a performance group from Brisbane
Fire Pixies – A UV and fire performance troupe with a very nice site
Elemental Circus - Westcoast Fire & Non-Fire Performances Group out of Victoria, BC
Spyt Fire - A very nice looking fire performer's site from a friend of ours out of Houston, Texas
Cirque Bijou - An innovative high impact visual performance circus
The Cabiri - A performance troupe which specializes in storytelling through physical theatre
The Fire Circus - A very nice performance group out of Austria
- Fire Show Group with a nice site
Fuer Circus - An Austrian fire performance troupe with a nice site and wide array of videos
Nocturnal Sunshine - A nice site for a group for hire (not sure where they are located)
Jalaanaa - A nice performers site with an impressive gallery
Temple of Poi - A nice fire training site (new redesign)
Exodus - Polish performer Exodus’ Site
Sintillation - San Fransisco Bay area group (very nice looking site)
The Flaming Butterflies - An amazing group who tours full time through Europe, North America, Asia and Australia
Flame Oz - A nice Australian groups flash based site
Phoenix Fire Dancers
- Very Nice Dance Group Site
Lumen – A very nice professional fire and juggling performance group
Luma Theater – A very nice UV/Light Show from out of Las Vegas, NV described as a "Techno Circus"
Pyroptix - Very nice fire and UV performance group (worth the look)
Flamma – A Finnish fire performance collective based in Tampere with a very nice site.
Sol Fire Dance Troupe - Ethnic Like Fire Dancing (Great Video of Group)
Flaming Mick - The personal flame site of Mick. (Nice Pics and Videos)
Brothers of the Flame - A great group from San Antonio, Texas (many members from the Techno Turtles)
Firebelly Productions - A performance group out of Vancouver
Pyrosutra Incendiary Dance - Performance group with locations in Los Angeles and Seattle
Poi Pixies - Poi Group with nice UV and Fire Galleries
Cirque de Flambe - A Circus of Fire, based out of Seatle
Ignited Passion - The site for Nanaimo's Fire Dance Troupe
Pyro Technique - One of Australia’s major performance groups
Liquid Flame – A New York City based fire performance group.
Flam Chen – A fire performance group from Tucson, Arizona
Fireworks Dance - A major Australian performance group with an very extensive list of experience and public exposure
Fire Arts Collective – A fire performance group from Bay Area, with some nice original moves
Circus Orange - An amazing fire circus that is worth the look
Circular Fusion - Firedance Performance Troupe from Toronto, Canada
Das Spielvolk – An Austrian group with many fireplayers and musicians (Great Photos)
Poi Spinner - A site with some nice photography
Fire Talent - A fire performance group out of Venice, California
Liquid Prodigy - Performer Liquid Prodigy from Tampa, Florida
Embracing Embers - A performance group out of Austin, Texas
tePOOKatoo – A pyrotechnic performance art and training collective, based in Athens, Georgia, USA
tePOOKa – The sister troupe for tePOOKAtoo with a nice galery and informamation about the troupe.
Naked Flame – A fire troupe based in Melbourne and London who combine fire, circus, and dance into one show
Fire Fanatics - A troupe performing fire exhibitions, technical fire routines, and fire art pieces
Ohne - Performers based from Bratislava, Slovakia
Kindled Spirits - A fire performance set of a friend of ours (also retails performance equipment)
Lucifire - Lucifire’s pyrotica site (may contain objectionable materials)
Fire Tom - The private website of an individual fire performer.
Fire Ninja - Fire Ninja's personal performance site (may contain objectionable materials unsuitable for younger viewers)
Jennifer Steele - A fire performer wo inteegrates the art of fire into feats of sex (contains objectionable material)
Swing & SpinDotCom - A nice site in a language I don’t know
Fire of Trinity – Fire performance group out of Germany
Cosmic Circles - An Austrian performance groups site which does interneational performances
Burnin' Babes
- A set of fire spinning babes
Fire Phoenix - The personal site of Richard Emo with some advanced staff tutorials
Ignited Passion – Fire/Circus performance group in Nanaimo, BC
Fire Spark – A fire artist’s personal site
Burnt Toast – A fire & UV performance group out of the United Kingdom
3rd Degree Burn - A high-energy fire performance group based out of Kansas City, MO, USA
Flaming Sphere – Fire spinning group from Oklahoma with lots of videos
The Human Project – Fire dancing performance site
Elsjäl - Nice site which has a nice gallery, however we don’t know what the language is
Feeding the Fish – UV juggling team which performs a great show called Flux
The Silver Man – A performance group of “The Silver Man” out of the UK
Nature Girl - Elise Ryerson is Nature Girl with an amazing fire gallery
FenFire - Fire illusion artist group from Austria
- A nice community site (not sure of the language but am assuming austrian)
Dreaming Phoenix Fire Troupe - A good site for a troupe out of Hotchkiss, CO
Unifire Theatre - An Asheville, NC troupe formerly known as Djinntana
Will-o'-the-Wisp - A performance troupe based in Canberra, Australia which does fire, glow, and more
Akashic Flames - A nice galllery of fire twirling on Umina Beach, NSW (site links are non-functional)
Carpe Ignem - A fire and light performance group
Ash Circle - Loki and Ivan are a duo from Canada who perform fire
Siva Afi – A Samoan fireknife dance site
Mitchell the Fire Shaman – Individual fire performer from Tampa, Florida
Apokeulybbse - A german site which implements what many fire group sites would like for their logo style
River City Burners - A troupe out of Virginia who spin poi, staff, baton, etc. (w/ a gallery and videos)

Bands and Shows
Pat Green – An Austin, Texas based singer/songwriter (Who we were lucky enough to open for)
D.R.U.M - An African/World Rythm & Reggae band, based from Houston, Texas (who we've also spun for)
Jim Owsley Quartet – A great band which plays jazz standards and crowd pleasing covers
Plump - One funky Funk band from Houston, Texas (These guys can break it out)
Gnappy Funk - Funk & Trip-Jazz combination which produces some awsome sounds (from Austin, Texas)
Buddha Crush - A great group which has been described as "a truly synergistic pop/jazz/funk melting pot"
Ciunas - A celtic band describe as a potent brew as strong as IIrish coffee

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