No matter what type of thing you are looking into learning more about, there always seems to be one particular word/term/slang phrase that we don't seem to know. It is our goal to keep you educated and keep explanations and terms to be relevant and clearly explained. There is always going to be a term or alias out there that we will have overlooked. If you know or are aware of one of these terms or aliases, then we would like to encourage you to suggest and add these words to our contributive glossary under the Move and Concept section of the forum.

An Unfininished Glossary

Chain - A general term for materials used to connect harnesses to the wicks. More common types of chains are: stainless steel ball-chain, welded link chain, wire, and kevlar rope.
Fire Poi - Kevlar wick attached to flexible chain , some form of hand harness attached to the other end. Generally used in single pairs.
Fire Staff - A wooden or metal shaft that has wick added to the ends. A short staff is usualy able to be spun in front of the body without touching ones-self. A general rule for staf length is: longer = slower = more momentum; shorter = faster.
Fuel Depot - A specific location where all the fuel is stored prior to and during performance. This area should be located away from the audience and the performance area. Depots are set in low traffic to no traffic areas. Fuel depots are used for storing fuel and soaking.
Harness - Wrap or loop oriented handles which the fingers, hands, or wrists are placed through. . The common materials used are: leather, kevlar or nylon. There are many different development styles for harnesses with some of the more predominant being: constricting, fixed loop, one or two finger loop, and wrist loops.
Practice Poi - These are differentiated from the fire poi by a lack of fire wicking. Fire wicks gets a little sooty after being burned as well as smelling like fuel. It is generaly more desired to use something softer & cleaner to practice with. The most commonly used types of practice poi consist of: stuffed animals, tennis balls, weighted fabric bags, socks, and streamers.
Safety Person - This is an active role in fire dance performance. Safety personell are pre-trained and stocked with equipment such as: towels, fire extinguishers, buckets of water, and first-aid kits. Normaly a cotton towel wetted to the point of being damp but not dripping is held at a ready position by the safety person. The safety persons job is to watch the performer and be ready to quickly and soberly, put out a performers wicks and or burning areas if the performer gets into trouble. Safety personell can prevent a simple mishap from turning into a major incident.
Soaking - The application of fuel to equipment wicks. This is done by placing fuel into a container and then placing the equipment's wicks into this container, to absorb the fuel. Metal containers are highly recommended for soaking as plastic containers will have the tendency to crack and melt. All containers should have lids so that fuel container fires can be smothered.
Spinning Off - After wicks have been soaked it is common to spin off any excess fuel onto pavement, dirt, or a similar type of surface. These locations are very important as the fuel can damage vehicle paint, kill grass, and leave a collection of fuel on the ground for an unsuspecting smoker to ignite. Without spinning off the wicks are prone to throw off burning droplets, which can hit the audience, performer, fuel depot, etc.
Toweling - The act of being a safety person. (See Safety Person)
Wicking - A fuel conveying material which has been crafted/constructed to be attached to performance equipment and set on fire. There are implications that wicking shoudl be of a re-usable nature. Wicking is primarily found in a flattened or rope/string orientation prior to being crafted/constructed/developed. Several common methods of wick construction are: round, cathedral/interleave, monkey fist. Wicking material is normally kevlar or cotton.
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