As much as we would like to have all sections completed this is simply not the case. Until we can provide you with a more thorough explanation of the types of equipment used you should visit the equipment vendor/retailer portion of our "Links" section. We are still in a good attempt to provide you with high quality images and explanations, so please check back soon, or view our web site updates and changes at our Site Status & Update Section of the Forum.

To see some very good pictures and explanations of fire dance equipment check out Bender's Fire Toy page.

Looking For Equipment Photographs
We have been and still are contacting the major equipment retailers and suppliers trying to obtain professional quality pictures of unused fire equipment. If you possess or can take some professional quality pictures which you can provide, we will be adding them to this section of the web site. This section will give a semi to full description of different equipment and materials used in fire dancing.

Pictures must be able to be supplied with written permission for the use of copyrighted images, from the person or entity in ownership of the images copyrights. There are no rights to royalties with the use of the pictures submitted to Taming Fire. Owners of such said images still maintain their right to republish such said images elsewhere.

We are willing to provide advertising space on the pages where these images are displayed. For more information please view our current submission request #3784 in the forums or send an email through our Contact and Booking Form.

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