The "About" section of TamingFire.Com provides you with many different ways to learn more about the Taming Fire fire dance performance team; what fire dance is, involves, and where it originated from; as well as ways and places to begin to or improve your own fire dancing skills. Below is an explanatory list of the primary parts of the "About" section.

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More About Fire Dancing
Fire dancing is an amazing art of skill and precision, using instruments similar to martial art weaponry. These instruments are set on fire and spun about the body. Some of theses instruments are commonly known where others may not be quite as familiar. The more familiar instruments include staff, double staff, batons, fans, rope, and hoola hoops. The lesser know instruments are poi, comets, meteors, fire fingers, and more.

There are other forms of fire dancing as well. They encompass fire eating and breathing fire. These forms of fire dancing bring a spectacular presence to most shows. People are always amazed with these two feats as they invoke that primitive desire of extraordinary powers and ability to perform amazing feats.

No matter what the art we are always proud to support it. It is our goal to provide you with a great resource of exposure to the art of fire dancing, as well as tips and tutorials to help you refine your skills. This current release is under construction and we hope to provide you with explanations and tutorials in the near future.

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