We were quite excited to be able to come on board with Dos Equis' Tribal Adventure Tour! All the shows were filled with lots of excitement and energy, and all of the patrons and performers alike seemed to have a great time! Dos Equis Tribal Adventure Tour
After having completed our tour with the Dos Equis Tribal Adventure Tour, we were quite excited when we were then asked to perform with Budweiser for their big upcoming special event that they were having for Halloween. Please remember to always drink responsibly.

With the growing amounts of website traffic we decided to provide a new site update. We have added a whole new site re-design with new templates for many of the different sections. We also have released almost 40 minutes of new videos, and whole new section of Leif's top video picks of performers from around the world.. In addition we also have updated the link list with new sites, and have provide many other new features. Keep an eye out for more changes!

For those of you with an interest in trying to learn about fire dancing we have the resources for you. We provide directions to online tutorials for beginners, and even a set of our own intermediate to advanced poi tutorials that we provide ourselves. We hope to bring even more tutorials soon.

We already had an abundance of videos available, but it had been a little while since our last update / release of new videos. Now we have made a new release of 10 videos with over 40 minutes of run time. This brings us to full total of around 1 hour and 45 minutes of fire dance videos. Enjoy!

As seen at the 2006 19th Annual Old Settler's Music Festival in Austin, Texas! Our performances at the Main Stage covered two nights of the event. We were very pleased to be able to open for Keller Williams and the Texas Tribute to Vassar Clements. Having performed at a number of festivals and events, this "down home country" festival was a new sort of venue for us. Some one noted that with festivals like this and our experience with country headliners like Pat Green, that we are soon to become the "Country Fire Dancers of Texas."

On February 3rd at Copa in Austin, Texas, Taming Fire was proud to perform a UV and Flag show for Bass Chakra! Taming Fire performers Leif and Mathew Watkins showed off some their new skills and stylistic classics. There were amazing musical performances by BASSNECTAR, Manny, and Kitty-D. The other entertainment performances by Arashi & his Exotic Go-Go Dancers held all eyes as the beats pumped. This was an extravagant event with a great turn out. Keep an ear out because this event has and will be coming back for more!

One of the international cornerstones of poi & fire performance, Home of Poi, held its fifth annual international fire performers video competition, titled Circles of Light, this summer. Two of the performers from the Taming Fire Team, Matt Watkins and Leif, both had their individual entries place with in the selected group of winning performers to be provided on the DVD compilation. The contest had over 65 contestants and only 26 available spots. You can see a preview trailer of what to expect from the video here. The final compilation of winners from the contest is available for $14.12 here. A big thanks to ilya y. rostovtsev for allowing us to use his music in our videos.

On Thursday Nov. 27th, 2004 the Taming Fire Team joined with the Brazos Region Astronomy Service Society for a celebration of the lunar eclipse event happening that evening. News station KBTX-TV 3 ran a special section in their evening broadcast of the event with a special emphasis on the Taming Fire Team's performance. We were very glad to be able to join with BRASS to help raise the community's interest in astronomy. We are looking forward to another event together.

We were very happy to be able to open for singer/songwriter Pat Green. In fact our performance helped us make our way onto the front page of one of our local papers. You can review the article as it appeared in the July 20th, 2004 issue of The Battalion. The picture to the left is of team member Matthew Watkins as he performed at this event. We would like to express our thanks to performers Kim and Chris, for their help with this event. Picture by photographer Dave Morris.

We have released the largest hand documented, categorized fire performance related link list available on the net. If you want to see it, you can find it here. Many feel that this is a big claim, but we feel that considering the extensive amount of sites we have scoured we would have come across one larger than ours by now. It becomes apparently true when you see the 33 equipment and gear resources, 29 sites to learn more about fire dance, and 89 performance group sites all on one page.

Desktop wallpapers! Yes, we have quite a few sets 3D modeled, custom made desktop wallpapers for your personal computer. You can find the sets that we currently have available here. We have all the sizes you should need. If you are interested in providing Taming Fire with some custom made, royalty free wallpapers (or images/pictures/designs for use in such) then please review the information we have listed on the download page.

TamingFire.Com has made its public release. If you are interested in linking to us with the image as displayed to the left then go here. We would like to encourage sites listed on our links page to link back to us as this will increase the rankings in search results for both sites. If you are currently not listed on our links page then please make a submission to our link list section of the forum.

Site Changes and Updates
See Our Updates Page for a Full List of Site Progress

5/14/06 - Released A New Site Design and Layout
5/14/06 - Released Over 40 Minutes of New Fire Videos to the Video Page

For Further Information on Site Updates
See Our New Updates Page
See our Site Status & Update Section of the Forum
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